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Dumpsters Near Me has transparent, easy to understand, truthful/published prices. We don’t tack on additional charges for fuel, credit cards, or subject our customers to hidden fees. We disclose all of our prices and email each renter a service agreement- which clearly spells out our rental policies. Our service includes free delivery and pick up of your dumpster along with fourteen days of service, plus included tonnage pertaining to the rolloff size you rent.
We have a list of different sized dumpsters available depending on your county’s location. The size you need will depend largely on the caliber of your project. We include a cubic yards calculator on the dumpster sizes page pertaining to your county, and have some size recommendations relative to project examples. We aim to help you eliminate the guess work in choosing your roll off size. Please note that all calculations are approximate and we cannot offer an absolute guarantee on which size will be required for your disposal needs. If you don’t know how much trash you will have, feel free to call us today and we will conduct a no-obligation assessment of your debris and quote you a sizable container that will keep your budget in mind. Please review our available sizes in your location.

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In most cases we will only need a twenty-four hour reservation notice (if reserved before 1:00 PM) to complete a full debris assessment, locate the dumpster needed, and deliver it to your residential, commercial, or industrial lot. If you pay online, we will call to confirm your delivery time, within 2 hours after the order is placed or first thing in the morning when we open.
Generally, your dumpster will be picked up on the last day of your rental agreement (14 days after delivery), or you can email/call us to schedule a timely pickup if you are finished with your rental term before fourteen days.
If you need your dumpster longer than 14 days the billing cycle will repeat at the original amount your rental agreement was for. Or if your dumpster is full prior to the fourteen days and you need it exchanged and dumped, the cycle will start over- this is called a dump return or switch out.
We are equipped to accept checks, and all major credit cards. All major credit cards and debit cards, and checks are processed through Bluepay.com which uses Digi Cert DV SSL. Note: Credit card information is not stored and is encrypted securely. Personal info and emails are not sold or compromised. Your security is important to us.
Feel free to use our website’s secure online checkout to book and pay for your dumpster rental. Or you can call us at 321-373-1378 or E-mail us at info@carrie.js-design.us to reserve your roll off dumpster.
We disclose all of our prices and in many cases there will not be any additional charges. We completely disclose tonnage, duration, and terms in our service agreement (policies) found here: https://dumpstersnearme.com/policies/ and on the merchant gateway checkout page; so please be sure to read this. If you call to reserve your dumpster via telephone, we will email you a copy of this agreement. Our rentals are not subject to sales tax (since hauling of your dumpster is a service).
Hazardous or toxic waste disposal is prohibited. We do have additional charges listed for items such as tires, mixed loads (landscape debris- mixed with construction, debris), and more (see below). These items can incur additional charges, depending on the items. Please refer to the chart of additional items.

In general, Avoid Dumping:

The below items are subject to extra charges & the highlighted items are prohibited

  • Hazardous Material (Not Accepted At All)
  • Automobile parts
  • Tires of any kind
  • Chemicals, including cleaning products
  • Liquid Paint (Dry cans are OK)
  • Biohazardous material (Not Accepted At All)
  • Gas cans/Oil Cans/Propane Tanks
  • Electronics (Televisions, Monitors, Printers, etc.)
  • Appliances with Freon (Refrigerators, Air Conditioning units)
  • Batteries
  • Landscape Debris mixed with other items – Permitted if you’re only dumping landscape debris

The following are acceptable:

  • Roofing shingles
  • Drywall
  • Landscaping/yard debris on its own
  • Construction/Remodeling and demolition debris
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Toys, bicycles, and household junk
  • Styrofoam, plastics, glass
  • Wood
  • Food trash
We cannot place the dumpster in your back yard, on marshy surfaces where our Rolloff Dumpster trucks may get stuck, over water mains, in the road, near or on septic tanks, or anywhere where there are overhead wires or trees. Also, make sure any gates are unlocked (or gate codes disclosed) and the area is not blocked in any way for delivering and picking up the dumpster. To prevent any unnecessary charges, please look over our policies: https://dumpstersnearme.com/policies/
For driveway protection, we recommend a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood from your local home improvement store, to lay down on the surface of your driveway so the truck can drive on it for the placement of your dumpster. The renter assumes all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces and for entire container placement site.  Dumpsters Near Me shall not be held responsible for any damages to private driving surface, pavement, or areas relative to any route associated with performing the contracted service. Be sure to check out our policies at: https://dumpstersnearme.com/policies/
Keep waste no higher the “Max Load Line” indicator on the top rail of the dumpster (usually a painted line). We need to tarp the top of the dumpster flush to fill line to avoid accidents and to comply with DOT laws, so do not overfill your dumpster. Also, the weight should be evenly distributed throughout the container (for ex. bricks cannot be on one side of dumpster with light-weight materials on the other)- this could potentially cause an accident.
Typical dumpster service is 14 days. When the dumpster is picked up, another can be rented under a new agreement, with a new billing cycle. Call us or email us if you need a pickup beforehand and we will be sure to leave you debris-free.
In most cases no, but please check with your state local municipality regarding this.

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