Bagster or Dumpster Rental ?


 Should I use Bagster or rent a dumpster ? Spring Cleaning time is here …

before after garagge cleanout

Bagster versus dumpster rental- let’s compare.  Once again your garage is filled with unwanted junk. You don’t have a pick up truck or a tarp.  And you have at least three truckloads worth of debris. Here are your options: you can (a) Carry it all to the curb and potentially hurt your back or (b) Purchase a bagster and pay $30 for the unit and another $139 for pick up…..

pick up truck
But wait that only solves part of your problem… you would need three of them to dispose of all of your unwanted items.


Let’s do the math on that:  3 x ($30) cost of Each Canvas Bagster= $90. + $139 initial bagster Disposal cost +  2 ($119)=  $238 additional discounted bagster disposals =   $90 + $139 + $238 =  $467.  total cost to dispose of 9 cubic yards worth of trash!

bagster prices


Or you could go with option (c)   You could rent a 10 yard dumpster. You will end up paying less money and get rid of more waste. We bring The rolloff container to you and pick it up once filled. In most cases you can have the rolloff container placed closer to your garage. This sure beats having to haul your unwanted items to the curb in an unsturdy canvas bag. Not to mention waiting on hold for the right extension and for them to come and pick up your waste possibly weeks later.


10yd-dim200x175Dumpster rental instead Bagster
Let’s say you do have a pick up truck, do you really want to make multiple trips to the stinky dump?


Not only does the dump smell terrible, but you will be waiting in line until your next birthday.
The bottom line is: when you rent with Dumpsters Near Me:

  • It costs less
  • 1,2,3 easy rental process
  • It reduces your mess

$178 savings * depending on tonnage and location.